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What is SaaS and Why Is It So Great?

Once you watch this, you will see how the SaaS journey might begin.

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Eventually, you realize in life your time is not scalable and I was starting to realize that much faster as I was growing in my career.

After leaving two jobs unexpectedly during COVID I decided to force myself to build a SaaS Product.

I wanted to be compensated on the Long-Term Value of the Company and not the Short-Term Value, but I couldn't find a way to do that.

I also wanted to be OUT of the Sales Process because I was a blocker, but I loved the profession.

My options were "Head of Sales" roles or possibly "Growth Roles" but for companies that weren't the guaranteed rockstars in the portfolio.

Instead, I decided to bootstrap 2 SaaS Companies and help different communities grow.

It's incredible to watch how SaaS is changing the world.


The multiples keep going up and the money is still pouring in.

In Sales, I wasn't able to impact the organization as a whole.

I kept hitting blockers along the way.

I knew I could fix Marketing Problems. But I never had access.

I knew I could fix some of the product on-boarding and pricing friction, but I never had access.

Instead it was time to build my own SaaS Products.

Why is SaaS a great business model?

Let's break down some different business models so we can understand what makes it so attractive to investors.

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Profit, Market, Assets, Simple, Consistent Revenue.

And for me, it needed to be something competitive because I didn't want to go into a market that I didn't understand and know as well as anyone.

This is why I selected to build LeadMagic (followed by LeadEnrich).

1. Enjoyable daily tasks

2. Product / Founder Fit

3. Scalable Business Model

4. Profitable without the founder

5. An Asset You Can Sell - Can people copy it easy?

6. Large Market Potential

7. Pain and Pleasure Differentiators

8. Unique lead generation advantage

9. Ability to launch quickly

Then, when I look at other SaaS Companies in public, you see the valuations.

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No-Code, Low-Code, RPA, APIs, ML, and Cloud Computing have all opened up serious opportunities for people who can build and sell.

LeadMagic is now launched and adding value. It's continually rising and I'm continually making impact to the customers so they're renewing. in my mind is what everyone in Sales needs. Strong first party intent data to know what companies are on your site so you can engage with them.

Plus, I've got LeadEnrich, which has now been released. This was the missing gap in my product. Pay As You Go Lead Enrichment and List Building.

Upload your Webinar Leads, Current CRM Lists, and get back perfect real-time enriched data for your CRM in a CSV.

Input a Search and get back the results with validated emails.

Once you find out who is on your website, you need the contact data.

This is why I built

Try it free for 100 credits today.

I'll be talking more about this and wanted to make some suggestions to people who want to learn more about building their own SaaS and Micro-SaaS Companies.

Tools: (No-Code and Low-Code)

Web App Building - / / Pory / Softr / Glideapps

Data Movement - Integromat / Zapier / n8n / Pipedream

Data Storage - Airtable / Google Sheets or possible PostgreSQL

Mobile App Building - FlutterFlow, Adalo, Draftbit

If you want to learn more about No-Code, Low-Code and SaaS sign-up for my Patreon.

I'll also be doing some MasterClass style training if people are interested in learning.

Sales and Marketing Professionals welcome!

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