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Drift vs Intercom - Who Is Winning the Race?

Drift vs Intercom - Who Is Winning the Race?
Photo by Stillness InMotion / Unsplash

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Vista has acquired Drift.  Neither party is willing to disclose the amount so we will be left wanting more.

Please check this image out for some interesting information.  Is there something to this?  Intercom seems to be dominating the battle from a churn perspective.

The acquisition will help both companies grow their respective customer bases and expand internationally.

Vista's CEO, Rich McBee, is excited about the possibilities of the acquisition.

Drift's CEO, David Cancel, shares in this excitement and is optimistic about what can be accomplished together with Vista.

This acquisition will provide a strong foundation for future growth and innovation in online marketing technology.

Both companies are committed to providing customers with the best possible experience while also maintaining an open dialogue on how we can improve our products going forward.

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