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Top SaaS Technology Stocks and Comps for the Week

Didn't want you to have to wait for these numbers from someone else.

Couple of quick morning thoughts.

  1. I'm turning down most Podcast Interviews for SaaS discussions.  But, if you're on the newsletter and would like me to chat.  I'm open to it.  Reach out on LinkedIn if you can.
  2. I've had several large media outlets reach out to get my comments on the Top Technology Companies in SaaS and there current positions from a GTM Perspective.

Now for the SaaS top of the morning report, let's go to the Comps.

We've got the Top Comps for SaaS for the Week.

Take a look.

Revenue Multiplies for the different sectors of SaaS.

  • High Growth Median: 33.5x
  • Mid Growth Median: 15.1x
  • Low Growth Median: 5.5x
Cloud SaaS Focus

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Jamie Larson